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3 days hotel and 4 days sailing program Hotel luxury staying & sailing Explorations, Privite cruise in Halkidiki, Private cruise to North Sporades, Big game tuna fishing, Day Sailling Exclusion


Hotel & Sailling Programs
  • Includes: experience skipper, assistant, fuel, linen, marina fees, water

  • Extras: full board with 30 euro /person from sheaf 6 stars




Program 1
Private cruise to North Sporades

This program is taking place at the northern Sporades. The place is one of the most famous sailing destinations in Greece. You will visit the sea park of Mediterranean seal Monachus Monachus. We will start from Port Karras and the island you are going to vist are Kira Panagia, Skopelos, Alonissos, Skiathos, Peristera.

Program 2
Privite cruise in Halkidiki

This program is taking place at the Toronaios and Sigitikos golf. This is located in Sithonia and Saint Oros Penincula. You will visit the most spectacular beaches of Greece.

Program 3
Hotel luxury staying & sailing Explorations

The program combines staying in a suite on Meliton hotel Porto Carras and every day explorations in different bays villages of Cassandra and Lithonia peninsular of Chalkidiki with a 42 feet sailing yacht.

Program 4
3 days hotel and 4 days sailing program

The program includes 3 days staying in Meliton hotel in Porto Carras Grand Resort and 4 days on a sailing yacht 42 feet to explore the secret land of Sithonia and Agio Oros Athos peninsula of Halkidiki.

Program 5
Big game tuna fishing

From September 10 up to October 30 you can organize a fishing holiday. This kind of fishing is much exited and can be done only in pelagic waters away from the shore. We fish using the trawling method. You can choose from 3 to 7 days duration.

Program  6
Day Sailling Exclusion
An one day private cruise to meet the beauties of Chalkidiki.

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